Seat Leon Cupra R Thicker, rarer and slightly

Seat Leon Cupra R Thicker, rarer and slightly

The Leon Cupra R is the superior stage of the Leon Cupra, a variant that will be built in a limited edition of 799 pieces. Anyone who orders the Cupra R with handbrake will receive a 310 hp variant. The DSG transmission variant shovels up to 300 hp.

Although the difference in power between this version of the Leon and the latest Cupra is negligible, Seat claims that the “R” has a number of extras, such as the modified front axle suspension, adaptive suspension, Brembo braking and a new exhaust.

The car is entitled to carbon steel elements that you can not get on any other Leon – not even a normal Cupra. You have a choice of three carpentry colors that are combined with details in a copper tint. That’s nice to find you.

The Cupra R is fitted with thicker welding boxes and copper-colored wheels, mirrors, logos and bumper details. The model is available in three paint colors: black, gray and (at extra cost) matt gray. He also has an adaptive chassis, Brembo brakes and a new exhaust system. He will be available from the end of 2017. The Cupra (without R so) is from 41,900 euros.

Seat Leon Cupra R Thicker, rarer and slightly

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