Rumors Alfa Romeo Giulia 350 hp


Alfa Romeo not only continues to expand its range (soon with the Stelvio and then with the Giulia Sportwagon), but also the respective ranges of models. Indeed, the mechanical program of the Giulia is not yet complete: it should be enriched with an intermediate version, not only responsible for linking the Veloce of 280 hp with the Quadrifoglio of 510 Ch, but also to stand up to German achievements such as the Audi S4, the BMW 340i or the Mercedes-AMG C 43.

Here, the symbol “CC2.0” refers to the 2.0 liter petrol engine. “Vermogen” means “power” in Dutch, and “PK” is the equivalent of the “ch” in our latitudes (cf the inscription 280 PK for the 280 hp Veloce). Therefore, the 350 PK mentioned would demonstrate well the coming arrival of a version 350 ch of the 4-cylinder 2.0 liters turbo. If it really sees the day, this block would allow the Giulia to compete with models such as the Audi S4, the BMW 340i or the Mercedes-AMG C43.

According to another document published by AutoEvolution, this Giulia would be equipped in the United States of a complete transmission and an automatic transmission. It would also take the name “Veloce” on American soil. On the other hand, no information is currently known concerning the configuration of this possible 350-bhp grinding in Europe.


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