A Rolls Royce exhibition to celebrate the new Phantom

A Rolls Royce exhibition to celebrate the new Phantom

Rolls-Royce is preparing a unique event on July 27th. The manufacturer will bring together the brand new Phantom VIII and the seven most beautiful Phantoms ever built.

When the Phantom Mark I debuted in 1925, its creators had only one idea in mind: building the best car in the world. The result has indeed helped to establish a new standard in ultimate comfort, elegance and reliability. For example, with the 7.6-liter six-cylinder engine installed under its elongated hood, the car could run at 129 km / h, distancing all competitors. It was not long in becoming the vehicle of choice of royalty and Hollywood stars.

Launched in 1925, Rolls-Royce’s first Phantom quickly attracted personalities from all over the world. The limousine notably transported Elizabeth II, Churchill, Eisenhower but also The Beatles.

Regarding the new generation, little information has filtered. It will be based on the new CLAR platform of the extended BMW 7 Series, and will resume its four-wheel steering. She should always board a V12, and lighten a little. First spy photos show a design quite similar to the current generation, without much upheaval. So it remains only to wait a few weeks for it to unveil in London, before the first SUV of the brand, the Cullinan project built on the same basis.

A Rolls Royce exhibition to celebrate the new Phantom

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