Rinspeed Oasis self-concept headed to Las Vegas


The car is also connected, which means it can help make dinner reservations. You can even add friends’ comments and offer new opportunities to eat out based on the opinions of other people. The Oasis responds to both voice and gesture controls, and is able to display messages as the driver approaches the vehicle.

The concept of Rinspeed will begin its tour in early January in Las Vegas. After that, he will head to the Detroit Auto Show 2016 in that US city.

While it may not seem much more than a utilitarian form of transportation, the interior of this car is full of amenities. There is a garden space to grow small vegetables, armchairs, a television, retractable vents and a large storage box. It is less like an automobile interior and more like a living room than just happens to have a steering wheel – a steering wheel that folds when the car is driving autonomously, of course. The windows are especially interesting.

Rinspeed envisions windshields as great augmented reality or virtual devices when the car is being driven. The rear windshield incorporates the rear light but can also be used as a screen for an embedded delivery box, so packages can be left with the car, rather than being left unattended on a porch somewhere.


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