RimOno Concept the small Japanese car with cloth body

RimOno Concept the small Japanese car with cloth body

The interior showing this prototype is simple and managing the steering is controlled from a handle (not a flyer), as if it were a motorcycle. And the only element that is seen as part of your equipment is a tablet located behind the handlebars. But this RimOno is still under development and will have to wait until next year to see if it goes on sale in the Japanese market. And they hope that by then weighing less than 200 kilos.

Created by designer Kota Nezu, the RimOno is an electric motor quadricycle with just 2.2 meters long which seats two passengers (traveling in tandem, one behind the other). Its engine has a power of 6.7 horsepower and can reach 45 km / h top speed and its lithium-ion battery give it a range of 50 kilometers.

It is not the first time that a fabric is used to complete parts of the body of a vehicle. The tops of many SUVs or Jeep Wrangler are the most famous cases. But BMW has also shown a prototype in 2008 was the GINA, with a body made entirely in cloth.

In a time when the global auto industry works to reduce the weight of vehicles (part of the process called Downsizing, complemented with improvements in engine efficiency), a different and economical option appears: Japan presented the RimOno Concept, a prototype with fabric body.

RimOno Concept the small Japanese car with cloth body

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