Retro racer teased by Infiniti

Retro racer teased by Infiniti

The Project 9, which was teased by Infiniti earlier this week, pulls its inspiration from 1930s-era Grand Prix cars. You might even think it’s the real deal with its white wheels, elongated hood and hand-formed tail, but this prototype is all-new and even packs an electric powertrain beneath its aluminum bodywork.

From humble beginnings as a sketch, to the dynamic example presented at Pebble Beach, Prototype 9 has been brought to life as an after-hours endeavour by a passionate and enterprising team of employees from across the Nissan Motor Corporation.

But even if the Prototype 9 is an imagined historic model from Infinity, it does look pretty good, with its retro lines, open wheels, leather-lined, single-seat cockpit and inspiration from, apparently, Japanese Motorsport and aeronautic design. And a grill from a modern Infiniti.

Infiniti’s design head Alfonso Albaisa, a Cuban from Havana (imagine growing up dreaming of drawing cars in fuel-rationed and sanctioned Cuba), said the motivation to do a retro design study came from quite a romantic if unlikely fantasy — “What if we found a car, down at the southern tip of Japan, buried deep in the barn, hidden from all eyes for 70 years? What would this discovery look like?”

Retro racer teased by Infiniti

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