Renault X-Track and Master 4×4

Renault X-Track and Master 4x41

The new Renault X -Track technology designed for the LCV range provides higher traction performance in particularly challenging conditions. This new, affordable feature is available across the Kangoo, Trafic and Master ranges.

In addition, Renault Master now offers a 4×4 transmission to provide outstanding traction for particularly difficult terrain.

The X-Track technology, as it is called, is claimed to give drivers far better traction especially where underfoot conditions are poor or slippery. They say it is ‘available; on the Kangoo, Trafic and Master ranges.

The new Master 4×4, meantime, incorporates both normal 4×2 mode and a selectable 4×4 mode for poor quality roads or off-road use such as “inclines, slippery ground, unsealed surfaces, damp fields, muddy ground, poor roads, etc”.

The factory 4×4 system will be available for both single- and dual-cab versions of the rear-drive Master cab-chassis, as well as a range of van bodies.

But for buyers who need more serious off-road ability, the Master could soon be offered with a 4×4 option, allowing drivers to remain in 4×2 mode until 4×4 is required. The brand has confirmed that 4×4 will be offered on the Master cab-chassis single– and dual-cab variants, and rear-drive van derivatives, too.

Renault X-Track and Master 4x4

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