Renault Unveils New Enhanced Traction

Renault Unveils New Enhanced Traction

Designed for use in what has been described as ‘tough conditions’, Renault has just introduced what it calls ‘X -Track technology’ in the Kangoo, Trafic and Master LCV ranges in Europe.

Steve Wilson is the LCV Product Manager with Renault UK, he says the Trafic has built a strong following and a great reputation over the past 35 years.

Despite the arrival of X-Track, Renault has still seen fit to offer the Master (below) with all-wheel drive. The selectable system allows the driver to choose whether or not drive is sent to all four wheels, maximising fuel economy on the road and providing extra grip off-road.

The new X-Track versions and Master 4×4 complement the existing Grip Xtend technology – designed to deliver enhanced grip for occasional use on slippery terrain. Grip Xtend is a standard feature of Renault’s Kangoo (ICE versions only), Trafic and Master PC and LCV ranges in Europe.

The X-Track versions will be available in Europe from later in 2016 whilst the Master 4×4 is set to be available from the summer. UK on sale dates will be announced in the coming months.

Renault Unveils New Enhanced Traction1

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