Renault unleashes the Twingo GT

Renault unleashes the Twingo GT

There’s something intrinsically right about a quick, cheap hatch. On a deserted back road they’ll keep up with anything short of McLaren or Ferrari’s finest, but you don’t have to worry about sky-high insurance premiums and expensive carbon panels in an accident. It’s a potent recipe, and one that Renault has almost perfected over the years, so it’s with great excitement we welcome the little Twingo GT into the world.

The Brabus Smart ForFour offers an almost identical state of engine tune and it can go from 0-100km/h in 10.3 seconds. The Twingo GT should be lighter due to the use of a manual box so it could be a little faster still off the mark.

However, even if it doesn’t offer earth-shattering acceleration times or a blistering top speed, Renault is ensuring that it will look like a true sportscar whatever the speedometer is displaying. The car sits on 17-inch alloys — huge on a car that’s so small — a lowered ride height, twin exhausts and a choice of four special exterior colors: Orange, Lunar Grey, Diamond Black and Crystal White complete with special graphics.

Easily recognisable thanks to its 17-inch wheels, lateral air intakes, twin exhaust tail pipe and new Piment Orange body colour, the Twingo GT’s sporty credentials and heritage are visible at first glance. The Twingo III’s lines, which drew their inspiration from the Twin’Run concept car, combine perfectly with the Twingo GT’s specific wheel design, NACA aircraft-inspired striping which echoes the aerodynamic form of the famous American plane’s air – and lowered ride height to produce a head-turning look.

Renault unleashes the Twingo GT

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