Alpine engine for the Renault Mégane RS

Alpine engine for the Renault Mégane RS

On the observers side, this was the big question: what motor will power the Renault Mégane RS 2017? A 2.0 liter or rather the 1.8 liter of the Alpine A110? Finally, it is the second engine that hides under the hood of the French. This has been reworked to develop 280 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 390 Nm of torque.

The Renault Megane RS will also be based on a Sport chassis, set up for everyday use, and a Cup configuration that is less compromised but more efficient on the track. The 4Control four-wheel steering system will also be on the program.

The engine delivers 165 horsepower and has a torque of up to 380 Nm from 1750 rpm. This block is associated with a 6-speed dual-clutch transmission, which operates according to the proposed driving style: Eco, Comfort, Neutral, Sport. Renault announces on this engine a combined consumption of 4.6 l / 100 km and CO2 emissions of 120 g / km.

Developed by Renault Sport, this engine offers a torque of 380 Nm from 1,750 rpm. It drops to 4.6 l / 100 km and 120 g / km of CO2. The six-speed EDC double-clutch gearbox accompanies it. The diamond brand announces floor prices of 31,700 euros for the sedan and 32,600 euros for the station wagon.

Alpine engine for the Renault Mégane RS

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