Renault Duster Oroch gains automatic transmission

Renault Duster Oroch gains automatic transmission

Renault announced the arrival of the line 2017 to the Duster and Duster Oroch. Among the main innovations, the truck finally received the option of automatic transmission four-speed versions with 2.0 engine, as with the SUV. In addition, both models received electro-hydraulic steering and tires with low resistance to friction rollover. According to Renault, the changes have left the models 2.0 to 11.5% more economical. There were no changes in equipment, engine or visual.

Another novelty is the adoption of “green tires” for the Duster 2.0, with lower rolling resistance, which also contribute to improve efficiency.

The cars have also the EcoMode function, activated by a button on the center panel, which limits the power and engine torque and reduces the power of the air-conditioned, with 10% reduction in consumption. There is also the gear changes indicator Gear Shift Indicator (GSI), which helps the driver to drive economically and efficiently to suggest when to reduce or increase the march to take better advantage of the characteristics of the engines.

The new Michelin tires, lighter and less frictional resistance, which were already present in Oroch now come to Duster 2.0. The SUV also happens to have the same key of the truck, more beautiful without being pocketknife.

Inside, changes the position of the rear electric control command. Get out of the bottom of the hand brake to the driver’s door. Another change was the adoption of electric windows with “one-touch” and global closing of glasses by the key, in this case only for the Dynamique version.

Duster Oroch Automática. Foto: Rodolfo Buhrer / La Iamgem / Renault

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