Renault a concept SUV coming off

Renault a concept SUV coming off

Despite some absences increasingly significant and numerous, the Paris Motor Show is still a major event, especially for the domestic automakers who will unveil important new there. Renault could surprise.

It was the British Autocar that claim. As part of the World of Paris next October, Renault will present an unexpected concept car in the form of a Coupe SUV. Autocar suggests a basic Captur or Qajar while referring to BMW X4 concept Koeru and Mazda. Therefore, a basic Qajar seems more likely, if only for size issues.

The SUV coupe was initially launched by BMW and X6. The car was, like any big news first and a gamble that proved later to be a real success with ideas competition, Mercedes and Land Rover in mind. Today, the SUV coupé remains still marginal, especially among generalists who do not have as many ways as premium brands to have cars mainly intended to convey an image.

Mazda has yet surprised his world at the Frankfurt show with the concept Koeru, announcing a CX-4 arriving later. The concept, especially appreciated by the public in German language room, has he also seems given the sobering Renault, according to our colleagues Autocar announcing a coupe concept SUV for the Paris Motor Show.

Most likely based on Qajar, which appears to be the student the more plausible in terms of size, this concept would lead later to a production vehicle. And Renault could then take the opportunity to foreshadow future interiors of the brand. In short, if this concept exists, it will monitor closely.

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