Renault Clio goes restyling

Renault Clio goes restyling

The Renault Clio is about to receive a facelift, and photographers of AutoEvolution have not missed the opportunity to surprise a camouflaged prototype of city in diamond test session.

Obviously, the restyled Clio gets a makeover drawing on recent performances in the field of Renault, in particular those which have benefited the new Megane and Talisman.

They are our fellow Evo France who started the rumor, which has since been confirmed by Renault Sport on Twitter and Facebook. The constructor to the diamond will indeed enjoy the Monaco Grand Prix, to be held from May 26 to 29, to unveil this “super” Clio R.S.

The first images of the Renault “Super” Clio RS can discover a city more muscular than ever, with a new aerodynamic kit, new side skirts and a rear spoiler that still shows a bit more sportiness of stupid. now remains to wisely wait until next weekend, to learn all of the new Clio Renault Sport signed. Patience so.

A rumor started by the Evo magazine pictures to support that Renault Sport has more or less confirmed on Twitter, revealing only a first teaser picture to discover the light signature of this new car. The French manufacturer should enjoy the Monaco Grand Prix, which starts on May 26 to unveil this new sport. Recall that Renault had already benefited from the Monaco GP last few years to clarify its amazing Twin’Run concept.

Renault Clio goes restyling 1

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