Renault Captur restylé 2017

Renault Captur restylé 2017 1

Renault had the nose end by replacing, in 2012, its Modus by the Captur. The car has become the best selling segment in both France and Europe. It is renewed at the Geneva Motor Show (March 9-19) to avoid letting competition take its place. With the program, new colors, new equipment and a new high-end finish Initiale Paris.

In the passenger compartment, the changes are limited to new fittings to improve the perceived quality, the weak point of the croosover in the Losange, redesigned seats and there also new combinations of shades. Under the hood, it’s flat calm. The embedded technology is evolving slightly, as in addition to an updated R-Link Evolution multimedia system and Android Auto compatible, the Captur can now dispose according to the finishes of hands-free parking and a blind spot alarm.

Captur welcomes with this restylage the badge Initiale Paris. The turn signals become LED, the seats (heated at the front) and the dashboard are covered in leather. Of course, with such a high-end finish, the technological equipment becomes standard like the Bose loudspeakers, keyless access and start-up and parking assistance.

Finally, the engines of the Initial Captur Paris are the same as those of the other versions. Its price will be communicated in May 2017 at the time of its commercial launch.

Renault Captur restylé 2017

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