Rare Lamborghini Veneno


Described by the brand as “a racing prototype for the streets,” the Roadster had carbon fiber bodywork and the same drive as the Aventador, but with more power: 6.5 V12 of 750 hp (50 hp more than the Aventador) , With five-speed automatic transmission. With this configuration, the model ran from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds, with a maximum of 355 km / h.

The sport also won a convertible version called Veneno Roadster, especially the fact that it does not have any type of hood. Announced in October 2013, production was limited to nine units, each costing at the time 3.3 million euros (equivalent today to R $ 11.3 million).

Launched originally in 2013, the Poison was developed as a tribute to the brand’s 50 years. At the time, its rarity charged 3 million euros (equivalent today to R $ 10.2 million), which earned it the title of most expensive car in the world. And when it was presented at the Geneva Motor Show (Switzerland) that year, all units were already sold.

Since then, its value has only been increasing. In March, a seller in Japan announced his copy – number 2 – on the internet for 9.98 million euros (or R $ 34.1 million in the current quote). He was only 840 miles away. It is estimated that the other two units offered for sale have been acquired by buyers in the United States.


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