Range Rover Velar 2017

Range Rover Velar 2017

It’s also the fourth Range Rover, which sounds a bit like a long-lost Frederick Forsyth thriller, but being a Rangey allows a lot of leeway with costings and pricing. There’s expensive stuff in here: motorised door handles; experimental furniture fabrics; and state-of-the-art screen technology. Prices start at £44,830, but expect average transactions to be in the early £60,000 bracket.

The Velar is now the first mid-size Range Rover, filling what JLR calls the “white space” between the much smaller Evoque, and the marginally larger Range Rover Sport. It’s for people who enjoy the slick Evoque design but still want the motoring heft you get from a Sport or Range Rover proper. It’s got some decent innards, a gorgeous design, and is crammed full of tech.

At 4,803mm the Velar is a little longer than the F-Pace, while the 2,874mm wheelbase is identical. The Range Rover’s 632-litre boot is marginally down on the Jag’s 650 litres, but the newcomer’s interior quality is a big step up.

Even on a twisting mountain road – it’s no lightweight sportscar, and despite its smaller-than-a-Sport dimensions and a lot of aluminium in its construction, it still feels like a Range Rover – but that doesn’t mean it can’t accelerate, brake and steer accurately when you ask it to. It just doesn’t feel like that’s what it was built for. It’s built for devouring distances.

Range Rover Velar 2017

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