Range Rover flights increase

Range Rover flights increase

Since early 2016, a small band écumerait Yvelines and neighboring districts to steal, forcing immobilizers, the 4 × 4 luxury. A model is particularly targeted: the Range Rover Evoque, which costs within 60 000 euros.

Sunday, March 27, police found one of these stolen vehicles hidden in a box of Trappes. It had been fitted with false plates. “A security vulnerability facilitates perhaps these flights, says a source close to the matter. Some of the 4 × 4 are sold boneless and parts. Others are exported to Africa, by specialized companies, and sold there.

For several months, the authorities find a resurgence of flight Range Rover Evoque in the department. One of these stolen 4×4 was found recently in Trappes. An investigation is underway to try to dismantle this highly organized network.

“A trend regarding the Île-de-France, had said Reeve, speaking to increase the number of flights Range Rover Evoque but also Citroën DS3 vehicle more in circulation” as the first mentioned.

Range Rover flights increase

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