R8 and TT RS get Audi Sport Performance Parts

R8 and TT RS get Audi Sport Performance Parts

As an example of the BMW M Performance line, Ingolstadt introduces the Audi Sport Performance Parts. The TT RS and the R8 are the first models to receive this sports treatment, followed by the rest of the extensive Audi range. Those who already have a TT RS or an R8 can also bless the coupé with the Audi Sport Performance Parts.

This is made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) and replaces the rear seats in the TT. As a result, the car becomes about 20 kilograms lighter and gets a higher torsional rigidity. In the interior of both the R8 and the TT we find, among other things, a Alcantara-coated sports steering wheel back and CFRP switches (for the Sept. S Tronic models).

The Audi TT RS gets a similar treatment, with the very aggressive fins against the bumpers. Here you can not notice anything but the big suit wing. And have you seen the mat of golden exhaust pipes already?

Okay, little bit of course because Germans copy each other more often. From the end of this summer, you can hang your Audi R8 or TT RS with carbon, featuring better feathers and brakes and golden Akra’s, or let the rear seat of your TT drop. The goodies are not only available for new Audi’s, because you can also make them retrofit. At a later stage, the other models in the Audi Sport Performance Parts range will also be available.

R8 and TT RS get Audi Sport Performance Parts

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