Public transport electric cars are coming in town

Public transport: electric cars are coming in town?

The Municipality of Rosario studies incorporate public transportation system Car Sharing, consisting of cars -100% Eléctricos- that are installed in different parts of the city and can be used by users for a limited time, against payment of a fee , similarly the public bicycle service already offered in the city.

The idea was announced by the Innovation of the Government Secretariat local Executive, after the head of government, Gustavo Leone, keep separate meetings with officials and European entrepreneurs, in the framework of an official visit by Germany and Spain.

Car sharing is inspired by the bike sharing, the bicycle sharing system. It is much simpler than conventional car rental as it is automated and use increasingly growing thanks to new technologies.

There are already hundreds of cities in the world that have this service was born in Switzerland in the late 1980s.

This new system, based on sustainability of transport, would be present in different strategic points of the city to be used for a specified period of time, such as public bicycles, and could be paid with the card Movi.

Public transport: electric cars are coming in town?

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