Prototypes and concepts Bentley EXP12

Prototypes and concepts Bentley EXP12 1

After the surprising EXP 10 Speed ​​6 concept of 2015, Bentley returns to the Geneva Motor Show with a look at the look in continuity. But the lack of roof and the electric motor make all the difference.

Bentley has not built a brand new car, as the prototype is in the main the exciting version of the 2015 EXP10 Speed ​​6 concept car, which illustrated the next generation of Continental GT scheduled for 2018.

The passenger is entitled to his own information system dedicated to social networks and other online activities. Some orders are trimmed with copper, and the color of this metal is found even on the leather of the upholstery.

According to Wolfgang Dürheimer, CEO of Bentley, this tantalizing concept illustrates above all the marriage between luxury, refinement, high-end materials and electric motorization. The EXP12 Speed ​​6e is designed to allow Bentley to test customer feedback prior to the production of the first electrified models. “Bentley is going to offer electrified models in the future and we are really interested in knowing our customers’ expectations on this subject.” For info, the first Bentley that can be connected to a cable, will be the SUV Benteyga. Its rechargeable hybrid version is expected for 2018.

Prototypes and concepts Bentley EXP12

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