Prius ranked first in first consecutive term

Prius ranked first in first consecutive term

Nissan Motor <7201> ‘s Note is the one that ranked second in the first half sales. The unit sales increased by 63.3% to 80,411 units. The new hybrid system “e-Power” was installed at a minor change in November 2016, and it seems that the fact that the fuel efficiency has improved greatly has gained the market’s reputation. The unit sales of the month of June also increased by 45.8%, maintaining strong performance at 10,161, chasing the top prize “Prius.”

Toyota’s “C-HR” was among those who entered 3rd place in the first half. Although it is a compact SUV of Toyota released in December 2016, evaluation of the market is superb. We sold 79,303 units from January to June. It is the second place behind “Prius” at 10,418 units in June, and has won the first month of the month in April. It will be expected to see how far we can increase unit sales in the second half.

Meanwhile, Toyota’s “Aqua”, which had been a top spot for the third consecutive year from 2013 to 2015, sold 61,468 units, down 28.2% in the first half, despite the fact that the sales volume in the first half was unbelievable. In compact hybrid cars, competition with “notes” and Honda Motor Co., Ltd.’s “Fit” etc. is intensifying. In addition, it is approaching the end of the model, there is a possibility that the purchase may be refrained toward the full model change expected in 2018. The fact that the timing of the minor change was June was also seen as a factor of struggle.

According to a news report of the new car sales by the common name of the mini cars nationwide by the National Association of Light Motor Vehicles, Honda’s “N-BOX” was the top leader in mini vehicle sales in the first half of 2017. The number has increased by 10.7% to 102,431 units, exceeding the “Prius”.

Prius ranked first in first consecutive term

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