Prius ranked first in 2 consecutive months

Prius ranked first in 2 consecutive months

Let’s also look at the movement of the new model car of interest. The Suzuki / Wagon R, which shifted to the new model in February, ranked 12th with an increase of 37.6%. The new Subaru Impreza, which switched to the 5th generation, is ranked 16th with a dramatic increase of 190.0%. Toyota · Rumi of the new tall wagon is ranked 20th, Toyota · tank is 24th, brother car Daihatsu · tall is 43rd.

Toyota Harrier, who carried out minor changes such as adding 2 liter direct injection turbo engine specifications in June, went on to No. 25 with a large increase of 91.9%, and also adopted a professional pilot of highway identical lane automatic driving technology in June Nissan X-TRAIL, which made a minor change such as making a minor change, is ranked 30th with an increase of 12.4%, and the new Suzuki Swift, which was fully reformed in January and shifted to the 4th generation, is ranked 36th with a significant increase of 113.3% The new Mazda CX – 5, which has performed well, is ranked 40th with a dramatic increase of 89.2%.

In the car name-by-car ranking, the Toyota Prius, which is the leader in sales of plug-in hybrid cars that were fully improved in February, recorded 19,746 units (down 37.7% from the same month of the previous year) and it is the top for the second consecutive month. Honda N-BOX, which recorded steady sales, up 13.0% to 17,554, followed by Toyota C-HR, which sold 13,418 units in the third place. In the fourth place, Daihatsu Mira, which switched Ys to a new model, ranked in a substantial increase of 83.4% (12,475 units). Up to this point is the same ranking as the previous month.

Toyota Vitz, which jumped up from the 14th place of the previous month by achieving a significant increase of 80.1% (11,743 units) at the 5th place, is located. It seems that the new advertisement development that started from May has demonstrated its effect. Daihatsu Move recorded a significant increase of 78.8% (11,699 units) in the sixth place followed, Nissan note that the sales of the e-POWER model were good in the seventh place was entered. Listing the top ten, registration cars increased by one model from the previous month and five models, the remaining five cars are light vehicles. It is the first time in two months that this ratio is reached.

Prius ranked first in 2 consecutive months

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