Prices Volkswagen Polo 6 (2017)

Prices Volkswagen Polo 6 (2017)

The new Volkswagen Polo 6 will be marketed on October 19, 2017 starting at € 14,430. Discover in detail all prices and equipment as well as the First Edition launch series.

Then comes a limited edition “First Edition” with a rearview camera, rain sensor and sport front seats. Count from 18.320 euros with the block 1.0 liter of 75 horses.

to go to the higher level, Confortline, the extension is however more consistent than before: it reaches indeed 2,280 € instead of 1,950 €. An additional charge for air conditioning, front and rear electric windows, a 1-3 / 2-3 bench seat, a leather steering wheel or a more advanced multimedia system with an 8-inch touchscreen. As for the 1.0 TSI of 95 hp, the first turbocharged engine, if it promises more performance and versatility, it does not offer less than € 15,750 in Trendline finish.

If the exterior style is conservative, the interior dares the color with wide decorative bands available in 13 shades. The equipment also impresses for a city car, with a 100% digital instrumentation and adaptive cruise control. On the engines side, five gasolines on the program, from 65 to 150 hp, and two diesels of 80 and 95 hp.

Prices Volkswagen Polo 6 (2017)



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