Poseidon tunes Mercedes-AMG E63 at 1,020 hp

Poseidon tunes Mercedes-AMG E63 at 1,020 hp

In addition to the hood and the complete front apron are the rear diffuser, the rear spoiler, mirror caps and tailpipe trims from carbon fiber. To supply the condenser with sufficient drive air, the radiator grille consists only of a network.

Such converted creates the “E63 + RS850” according Tuner accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.8 seconds. And the possible maximum speed of 368 km / h was limited to 350 km / h because of the maximum load capacity of the tire.

to rotate wheels on the front axle in the dimension 9.5×20 inch ET37 with 255 / 30R20 tires and on the rear axle 11×20 inch ET45 wheels with tire size 295 / 25R20. After tuning up Posaidon boasts with having the most street-legal Benz in the garage.

For the brute power increase initially a turbocharger upgrade, combined with a charge air cooler expansion including new packages provide. For this purpose a special Carbon Luftfilterset including enlarged suction come with an optimized air flow, racing spark plugs and a handmade exhaust system that discharges into silencer with valve control.

were readjusted to each other and the performance components with a revised engine management system and a modified transmission software. This had to be reinforced with 1,400 Nm torque. And therefore the tuner on front and rear axle mounted in each case a locking differential.

Of course, the E63 AMG sedan had also slim down vigorously. So the complete rear seat was not only dismantled, the panels of the rear doors had to be removed. In addition to the removal of the rear seats built Posaidon driver and passenger seats from C63 Black Series model, which is per seat saves around 40kg.

Poseidon tunes Mercedes-AMG E63 at 1,020 hp

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