Porsche wins the competition with his latest Macan

Porsche wins the competition with his latest Macan

With the Sport Chrono Package, the Macan Turbo performance is further enhanced. Sport Plus mode, this pack ensures maximum sportiness to the assembly formed by the chassis, engine and transmission. And an even more captivating sound emitted by the Sport exhaust system. The PDK dual-clutch transmission and seven reports then ensures extremely fast response times, optimal transitions and torque raised during each shift to ensure maximum acceleration.

To customize the Macan Turbo equipped with the Performance pack, various specific options are available, such as Turbo Exterior pack. The options available in this pack include rims 21 “taking the design to those of the 911 Turbo with branches trimmed with black paint high gloss finish, LED headlights feature the PDLS Plus technology and many other items black finish. the Turbo Interior pack comes with a black leather upholstery with Alcantara inserts in high-end, many colored inlays and carbon elements, such as stepping guards with model logo backlit in white.

The Macan has become, since its launch in 2014, a centerpiece of the range Porsche entry strategy. He approaches the million sales, and consumer demand for compact, premium and sports SUV is such that the second hand market it sells easily more than the new model, everyone is not ready to wait assembly lines Porsche are catching up.

However, Porsche is not the only German manufacturer who knows how to make a 4×4 high-end and powerful; and to prevent its customers to decamp to BMW, Audi and Mercedes, the Stuttgart firm has decided to add this model to its line before competitors can react.

Porsche wins the competition with his latest Macan

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