Porsche Panamera several bodies in pipes

Porsche Panamera several bodies in pipes

It would seem so! Our American colleagues Automotive News have had confirmation that the Panamera break would be marketed in the United States, which is valid for its existence. The arrival of a new modular platform as a basis for the second-generation Panamera has to consider the amendment, which will allow Porsche to compete directly the Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake for example.

But that’s not all because of coupe and convertible versions of the new Panamera are also envisaged, although it is unclear whether they will actually produced and marketed one day. In any case, Porsche is not forbidden anything about it.

Porsche Panamera second generation of which already we know already that it will be repeated in his classic sedan silhouette but which will also be available in a simulated hunting wagon version, the Sport Turismo asking then as the true heir to the concept Panamera Sport Turismo.

According to an official of Porsche North America, makers of the brand and the group would consider proposing other bodies. It evokes a convertible but also a two-door coupe, two niche models which are highly demanded by some US customers.

Porsche Panamera several bodies in pipes

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