Porsche Mission E

Porsche Mission E

Development on the production version of the Mission E is on schedule, with prototypes to start public testing in the near future, Blume said in an interview with Car Magazine earlier in the week at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

Blume said that this all-electric car has been designed to plug the gap between the Panamera and the 911. He reiterated that the Mission E will be fully electric and won’t have a combustion engine. Customers will have the option to choose from different output motors.

On a related note, you might recall that Porsche early last year said that it was also working on a hybrid version of its iconic Porsche 911. Alas, Porsche killed development on that project a few months back.

For sure. Over to Blume the boss: ‘The design is fixed,’ he told CAR. ‘It is very close to what you saw two years ago at Frankfurt. It will be exciting but a bit different from the concept.’

Porsche Mission E

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