Porsche: “The Ludicrous fashion Tesla is useless”

Porsche: "The Ludicrous fashion Tesla is useless"

It is an engineer at Porsche involved in the development of future Mission E, the large electric sedan manufacturer who said, according to him, the Mission I will not need a fashion “performance” type Ludicrous as Tesla practice. According to him, this kind of violent accelerations can be done “without heat or battery drain unlike Ludicrous fashion Tesla”.

Also according to the engineer – comments reported by our colleagues at Automobile Magazine – E Mission this will be “a real Porsche,” but with “a very special approach.”

A product manager went even further and tackling the American manufacturer Tesla and its large sedan Model S. The manager said that “his Ludicrous mode is nothing more than a gadget that vacuum and heated by batteries no time “before promising that the Mission E production” will further accelerate and still without overheating and with seats at the proper maintenance. “

The first copies of the final E Mission Porsche off the assembly line in 2020. The car will embark on its body very close to design the show because of the German mechanical room capable of delivering 600 horsepower with a maximum range of 500 kilometers. corridors noises argue that another less powerful and more affordable electricity is also planned for later.

Porsche: "The Ludicrous fashion Tesla is useless" 1

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