Porsche confirms the return of the 911 GT2 RS

Porsche confirms the return of the 911 GT2 RS

This announcement is not really a new one, because prototypes of this wild 911 had been photographed several times. However, it has the merit of moving the next 911 GT2 RS from rumored to confirmed version.

Within the 911 wide range, the 911 GT2 has always made the 911 Turbo’s exaggeration of the engine by removing all the artifices that would make life easier in everyday life like the all-wheel drive. The 911 GT2 RS is in fact the reincarnation of the first 911 Turbo, brutal, demanding, insatiable. The next opus promises to offer as much since the rumors evoke a power of 680 ch. As a reminder, the previous 911 GT2 RS offered 620 canassons under the hood.

The power should indeed reach at least 650 hp and could even approach the 700 hp, history to mark the blow. And not to be too far behind the most sharp competitors, such as the new McLaren 720 S … To recap, the current 911 Turbo S develops 580 hp, while the last 911 GT2 RS released in 2010 posted 620 hp.

The aerodynamic pack of this enraged gunner should be up to its level of performance, with in particular at the rear a large fixed wing. Finally, the new “Super 911”, which is expected to enter next year, will be the first GT2 variant of the 991 generation, yet released in 2011.

Porsche confirms the return of the 911 GT2 RS

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