Porsche Classic restore a 911 “French”

Porsche Classic restore a 911 French

With the first, Keyser has run the United States. In parallel with the second, he plans to compete with brands world championship. Porsche off him Jürgen Barth, future boss of the competition of the manufacturer (and future “B” OPI.)

The Porsche 911S / T is an evolution of the competition 911S (type F6.) Motor password 2,4l to 2,5l 190ch and to 270hp. The mass, she descends from 960kg to 1050kg. A transformation charged DM 19,000, pushing the bill to DM 49,680.

Mike Keyser two offers in November 1971, while the 911S / T has just appear and costs. For some years he US tests the foam with an old 911 S, under the banner of “Toad Hall Racing.” During 6 hours of Watkins Glen, a competitor comes behind him and the car is ruined.

A Porsche 911S with race numbers, we see thirteen to the dozen in any old room. Except that the 2.5 S / T exposed by the Techno Classica 2016 Porsche won the 24 Hours of Le Mans 1972 (in GT.) And it is also an example of “saved” car.

Porsche Classic restore a 911 French

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