Porsche 911 Type 997

Porsche 911 Type 997

Porsche has a real history with the 911 and more particularly with the sports and radical versions. Since the 2.7 RS, the 911 has been entitled to any kind of muscular variant, from the Turbo S to the R via the GT3 and GT3 RS. Precisely, Porsche unveils in Geneva the restylée version of the 911 GT3 which, apparently, does not evolve practically not. Do not expect to see a revolution, we are at Porsche, customers are conservative and the 911 is timeless.

With an advertised weight of 1430 kg in PDK, and 1413 kg in manual version, it boasts a weight / power ratio of 2.86 kg / hp. This guarantees first-class figures with accelerations from 0 to 100 and speeds of 3.4 seconds and 318 km / h with PDK and 3.9 seconds for 320 km / h in mechanical version.

“Dunlop has developed a tire with excellent characteristics to meet our requirements. The Sport Maxx Race 2 presents the demanded performance on dry roads and in adherence and driving precision. “Says Jan Frank of Porsche.

The purists will also be pleased to learn that the 911 Carrera GTS are equipped as standard with the manual gearbox, the optional dual-clutch PDK gearbox with seven gears.

Porsche 911 Type 997

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