Porsche 911 resurrected the 1972

Porsche 911 resurrected the 1972 24 Hours of Le Mans

This machine and its amazing rose for two years in the expert hands of the official service Porsche Classic. The mechanics restored the car from a wreck. The rear motor sport originally belonged to American pilot Michael Keyser. It has used with his friend in Germany Jürgen Barth in 1972 for endurance races taking place between other at Sebring and the Nürburgring. His finest hour sounded in June at the 24 Hours of Le Mans the same year when the 911 GT won his category under 3 liters.

The Stuttgart firm has produced a total of 24 copies of the model. Interested signed at the time a check for 49,680 marks (82,000 francs) for the chance to take the wheel. To view this Porsche 911 2.5 S / T more closely, it will go to the Techno Classica later than 10 April.

Retro Techno Classica Essen fair in Germany opened yesterday allows manufacturers to reconsider the finest pieces of their history. Alongside the Golf GTI Volkswagen and Land Rover Series 1 Reborn, a fascinating racing Porsche puts on a show: a 911 2.5 S / T.

Specialists catering department of the Porsche brand have at Techno Classica Essen the result of two years of work. The car is none other than the 911 2.5 S / T of the victorious 1972 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Porsche 911 resurrected the 1972 24 Hours of Le Mans

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