Porsche 911 millionaire after 54 years

Porsche 911 millionaire after 54 years 1

It’s a 911 Carrera S, sprayed in green color. The 911 was designed by Ferdinand Porsche, the grandson of the same-named founder of the iconic automotive brand. The 911 is Porsche’s best-known model and was first launched in 1964.

After 54 years in production, the 911 finally reached the cap of 1 million copies. A figure where some models often last for almost two generations and a decade. To say that the 911 remains something or something exclusive. And while Porsche could have gone for a 911 Turbo full of fancy and a look-to-my-color decided to celebrate the Germans with a dark green Carrera S.

Last year, Porsche sold 32.365 copies of the 911, which means that the model will remain very popular after such a long time. To illustrate building quality; Of all 911s ever made, about 70 percent are still ready to go the way.

The millionth 911 is recorded in the collection of the Porsche Museum and is also on world tour. According to Porsche he is going to include the Highlands, the United States, China and of course the Nürburgring. The 911 number 1,000,000 is sprayed in the green of the oer-911 and, like that model, has wood on the dashboard and black and white lining on the chairs.

Porsche 911 millionaire after 54 years 1

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