Plug in hybrid at Genesis

Genesis G90

Dave Zuchowski, head of Hyundai USA, confirmed the launches in the near future. The new brand will then use the technologies being introduced (or under development) at Hyundai or Kia variations between virtuous, more efficient and less energy Sonata or Ioniq. And who knows Genesis futures also go through the pible fuel.

The emerging new premium brand stamped South Korean group does not lack ambition. This will include a planned enlargement of its range through different shapes and positions on the various segments.

Taking advantage of technologies within the group, the Genesis brand will launch futures PHEVs.

This also revolve around new models. And technology at the forefront. A sort of combination of all this also eventually materialize after the big boss of Hyundai USA confirmed that Genesis will also introduce plug-in hybrid versions without specifying which model will benefit from G70, G80 or G90.

Genesis G90

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