Phantom VIII Rolls-Royce evolves

Phantom VIII Rolls-Royce evolves

The new Phantom might look remarkably similar to its predecessor, but it really is a new car underneath the square-jawed skin. It debuts a fresh platform for Rolls-Royce, the same platform that will eventually underpin the Project Cullinan all-terrain, high-sided vehicle. All car manufacturers say they’ve focused on making their latest cars refined, but that isn’t an easy thing to do when your current model is already one of the smoothest cars on the road.

Deliveries of the new Phantom begin early next year. It will be available in standard or extended wheelbase versions and be priced from around $520,000 (400,000 pounds).

“The new Phantom is a powerful statement of design, engineering and bespoke expertise,” said Peter Schwarzenbauer, the BMW Group board member that oversees Rolls-Royce.

Customers will be offered a few selections from which they can choose or they can commission their own. The galleries are created inside a special clean room free of dust, moisture and hair, an environment similar to that in which computer microchips are made.

Wood paneling can be chosen for the doors, center console, dash, and rear tables. The largest “Starlight” headliner ever put in a Rolls is here, and owners can put their own art pieces behind glass on the dashboard fascia.

Phantom VIII Rolls-Royce evolves

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