Peugeot presents the new Cockpit 2016

Peugeot presents the new i-Cockpit 2016

A look at the dashboard of the future according to Peugeot, the second generation of the famous i-Cockpit. The instrument panel and the dashboard, in addition to the pedals, are the elements of a car which interact with the driver; it is through them that he communicates to the car its own commands. Consequently, it is of fundamental importance in the design of a model the so-called ergonomics, ie the provision of these instruments so that they can be used by the driver with maximum efficiency and comfort.

The i-cockpit that we will see on the next car brand will find space for the first time aboard the Peugeot 3008 which will arrive on the market in the fall but already before the summer will be unveiled to the public.

And speaking of sensations, more customizations intensity of the illumination and the colors of the i-Cockpit, on the musical environment parameters, on the seats that offer massages in several places and the scent system. Switch to “boost” for a dynamic driving, or “relax” for a more relaxed driving is a matter of a couple of clicks, and the effect is almost “intoxicating.”

SEPARATE ROOMS From there comes the division, clearer now, between the side-driver and front-passenger, with a sort of dam to separate the transition area from the periphery of the dashboard. If the change is automatic, it has a nearly aeronautical design. The physical commands, cut to the bone, are of the “toggle switches” and in the middle of the center console create a sort of keyboard. Hear-hear, the new i-Cockpit also will change the atmosphere inside the new Peugeot. It will do so by changing the lighting, vehicle parameters, the massage functions and fragrances depending on whether you choose the Boost or setting Relax.

Peugeot presents the new i-Cockpit 2016

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