Partial improvement of Nissan caravan renewal

Partial improvement of Nissan caravan renewal 1

In this minor change, advanced safety equipment is enriched. In the conventional model, “Intelligent Emergency Brake (Auto Brake)” and “VDC (Vehicle Dynamics Control [including TCS Function Included])” and “Hill Start Assist” standardized as part of the van’s 2WD car were expanded to all vans Standard setting. Intelligent Around View Monitor (with Moving Object Detection Function) “that supports safe driving, such as narrow parking spaces where materials and the like are placed and when the rear view is obstructed by luggage, the 4th number van of small cargo trucks We set options for the first time in class.

In other words, catch up with the only part of the nemesis “Toyota Hiace / Regius Ace” that had been afraid, and to separate the part that was originally winning … … is the aim of the new NV 350.

The monitor also has a function to notify you with a buzzer when there are people in front and behind. From the standard model to the advanced, the automatic brake system was equipped as standard on all of the van type. It is the stage to raise the design and safety and to raise the “Hiace” of Toyota car with high market share.

Partial improvement of Nissan caravan renewal 1

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