Oroch gains automatic and is more economical

Duster Oroch Automática. Foto: Rodolfo Buhrer / La Imagem / Renault

Even without practicing a visual restyling, Renault has made significant changes in the mechanical and ergonomic Duster and Duster Oroch brothers to line 2017. In the case of the truck, the focus is on the adoption of Dynamique 2.0 top version with automatic transmission four-speed for R $ 76,580.

Another important change is the battery power recovery system inspired by Formula 1. During deceleration of the SUV or pickup truck, the engine keeps turning without consuming fuel while the alternator begins to recover energy to recharge the battery. Thus, the alternator does not need to take action during the accelerations, robbing the engine power to charge the battery. 2.0 The engine also underwent changes for friction reduction.

To make life easier, Renault took the electric drive of mirrors under the handbrake and moved to a more natural place, the driver’s door.

Another addition was the electric window of the drive system with “one touch” up or down.

Oroch gains automatic and is more economical

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