Opel Zafira, hi-tech for seven

Opel Zafira, hi-tech for seven 1

Founded back in 1999, the Opel Zafira has been able to carve out a leading role in the panorama of the seven-seat MPV of medium size. In 17-year career, through three generations, this German DOC has earned something like 2.7 million customers in Europe. Today, five years after the launch of the third generation, the Zafira is the time to indulge in a makeover, critical to update the style, but also the on-board technologies.

The price lists of restyling Zafira will be available in a few weeks, when they open orders, and deliveries will begin in October. We already know, however, that the strike price is equal to EUR 26,270 of the 1.4 Turbo 120 hp Elective. The range is completed with versions Innovation and Business and side diesel engines, with 1,600 from 120 and 136 hp, the 2.0 130 hp with automatic transmission and 2.0-170 with automatic or manual. Important: as mentioned, OnStar is always standard.

In the guide, the Opel Zafira confirms strengths and weaknesses of the previous version to restyling: thanks to the electronically controlled shock absorbers (optional, the price has not been defined) between the curves reveals quite agile, especially when set in Sport mode. In Tours, however, become too “soft” Even going for a walk you are at risk seasickness. In the intermediate position, however, you get a good compromise between absorption of surface shocks and steering precision.

The 2-liter has 170 hp more powerful tonics: pushing with force even before the 1500 revolutions and does not stop that close of 4000. Just a shame that, precisely at low speeds, send some vibration in the pedals and steering wheel; while the “ticking” (warm even audible to) understand from a distance which is a diesel. Also, the manual six-speed gearbox has grafts a little ‘contrasted and a lever long dall’escursione.

Opel Zafira, hi-tech for seven 1


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