Opel Insignia GSi 2017

Opel Insignia GSi 2017

This new model is installed at the top of the range and is recognizable by its new air intakes in the front bumper, its rear spoiler, its two chrome exhaust outlets and its 20-inch wheels. It also gains a more dynamic chassis, Brembo brakes and several modes of driving (including a Competition mode).

Opel does not report any performance figures for this model. But says the Insignia GSi would be faster on the Nürburgring circuit than the old Insignia OPC, whose turbo V6 still developing 325 hp. The explanation is simple: the new Insignia GSi is lighter 160 kg.

The brand at the Blitz still retains for it the chrono performance of the Insignia GSi. But she likes to indicate that being 160 kg lighter than the Insignia (old generation) OPC with a V8 2.8 l Turbo of 325, the GSi was faster than the OPC on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring. This circuit was also its playing field during the development. In particular, they made it possible to adjust the Brembo brake system and the FlexRide mechatronic chassis.

The Opel Insignia GSi will be revealed to the general public at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. A GSi diesel version should also be part of the game.

Opel Insignia GSi 2017

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