Official Audi Q4 will arrive in 2019

Official Audi Q4 will arrive in 2019

Launch of the Q2, Q5 renewal, Audi does not intend to stop diversifying its range of SUV by announcing the arrival in 2019 of its compact SU4 Q4, which will interpose between Q5 and Q3, one year after The launch of another model, already confirmed, the Q8.

Aesthetically, the Audi Q4 should resume the standardization adopted by the range of SUVs of the brand to the Rings while obtaining some details of the Audi TT offroad concept, presented in 2014.

A second generation of A7s, as well as an unprecedented Q8 that was recently previewed as concepts, are expected in 2018. The brand’s catalog will also be packed with three new electric models by 2020. And this Is not everything! A new SUV is also planned for 2019. It will be the … Q4!

The Q4 will be Audi’s response to the BMW X4 and has already been seen in the form of a concept car at the Beijing 2014 trade fair, TT Offroad. The manufacturer even managed to drop the Q4 badge after a long negotiation with Alfa Romeo who had registered the names Q2 and Q4 a long time ago.

The Audi Q4 will articulate its range around new 1.5-liter petrol and diesel blocks, 2-liter upgrades and the new 2.5-liter 5-cylinder engine that can reach 400 hp. The Q4 will also be available in a rechargeable e-tron hybrid version with a range of 50 km in electric mode alone.

Official Audi Q4 will arrive in 2019

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