Nissan’s 370Z refresh for 2018

Nissan’s 370Z refresh for 2018

Although a complete redesign would be welcome, Nissan is at least giving it a minor makeover for the 2018 model year, and you can expect the refreshed coupe to hit our shores towards the end of this year.

Mechanically, manual cars get a new EXEDY sourced clutch, which is said to be lighter than the current one to make rapid downshifts a little less taxing. Manual cars also maintain an auto-blip function, which although unique at its launch in 2009, has now been adopted by lots of other manufacturers. Nissan claims it’s still the only manual car in the segment with this feature, though.

However, all those anomalies are almost forgotten as soon as you grab the vehicle by the scruff of the neck. The engine might lag behind the latest raft of turbocharged models, but its raucous, old-school V6 note is most welcome.

The Japanese car company hoping the price realignment and NISMO performance model will kick-start the Z car in the local market.

Nissan’s 370Z refresh for 2018

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