Nissan unveils working Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

Nissan unveils working Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

But first, it’s worth mentioning that the concept of solid oxide fuel cell isn’t new. A quick search on the Internet is just about enough to learn that SOFC is “an electrochemical conversion device that produces electricity directly from oxidizing a fuel.” In Nissan’s case, we’re talking about a quirky minivan which runs on the electricity provided by the SOFC, itself powered by bio-ethanol.

Dubbed Nissan e-Bio Fuel-Cell, the world’s first solid oxide fuel cell made its debut today, in Brazil of all places. That Brazil, where the Olympic Games start on August 6, the Brazil where poverty and criminality are through the roof.

Nissan hopes the engine vehicle technology will be a hit in Asia, North and South America or any country, like Australia, that grows sugar cane and says commercial vehicles are likely to benefit from the technology ahead of cars, mainly because of the packaging difficulties currently associated with adding the solid fuel cell.

For a 600km range the e-Bio Fuel-Cell is currently running with an additional 30-litre bioethanol tank.

Inside, the BladeGlider features a single front seat for the driver which is mounted in the center of the vehicle, with two passengers seat behind. Nissan used plenty of eye-catching colors, including reflective silver material along with green and orange trim to make this interior really stand out.

The two BladeGlider prototypes will spend all August in Rio de Janeiro at the Olympics. One will be on static display while the other will offer rides to the media and VIPs.

Nissan unveils working Solid Oxide Fuel Cell 1

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