Nissan unveils new long-range LEAF

Nissan unveils new long-range LEAF

New Leaf Nissan is hoping to tempt drivers with its latest iteration of the 2018 Nissan Leaf: an electric vehicle that can go 150 miles (43 miles further than the current Leaf) plus it’s conservatively priced at just shy of $30,000.

The new Leaf, launched on Wednesday, goes on sale in Japan from Oct. 2 and elsewhere early next year.

However, Nissan said the brake pedal will need to be used for “aggressive braking situations”. Which leaves us with the recently launched 2018 all-electric Leaf the intensely anticipated successor, to one of the first ever production EVs is here, with some all new tricks up its sleeve.

The new model has V2G (vehicle-to-grid) technology. It allows the exchange of energy between the car and the power grid into a two-way charging mechanism. So, the new Nissan Leaf cooldowns by 16 hours if you are on a network from 3 kWh, down to 8 hours with a network by 6 kWh. During fast-charging system, you can have 80% of autonomy in 40 minutes.

Nissan unveils new long-range LEAF

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