Nissan starts selling ‘big car’ of 2016

Nissan starts selling 'big car' of 2016

Nissan began accepting reservations for interested Kicks. Initially it will be sold one thousand units of the special edition “2016”, alluding to the Olympic Games this year (since the event will be sponsored by the automaker), which will take place in Rio de Janeiro in August. The model is based on top-line version of Kicks, SL.

Only bookings made by hot site dedicated to the SUV will be accepted, and the page will be connected in real time with the stock of utilities. After selecting the preferred resale and the combination of colors (white with orange roof, completely white or completely gray), the client receives the estimated price information (R $ 89,000 to R $ 93,500, not including the R $ 2,500 ordered ceiling painted orange, if applicable) and the amount of the reserve (R $ 5,000) to be paid in the chosen concessionaire in two business days.

With the novelty also come five new colors like Black Premium Photo. To place your order, you need to pay a deposit of $ 5 thousand. The prices disclosed to the model so far range between R $ 89,000 and R $ 93,500, with additional R $ 2.5000 for cars with roof in Sunset Orange color. They are expected more basic versions and thus cheaper.

The Kicks is the company’s bet to compete in the segment of compact SUVs, one of the most heated in the Brazilian market. It will be equipped exclusively with 1.6-liter flex 114 hp and CVT. The model bet on low weight to compensate for the absence of a more powerful engine, like its rivals. As Autoesporte found, the Kicks weighs 1142 kg, less than the current Ford EcoSport (1274 kg), the Honda HR-V (1276 kg) and the Jeep Renegade (1393 kg), its main competitors.

The set earned the car note in the Brazilian Labeling Program Vehicle (PBEV), Inmetro. It said the Kicks is 8.1 km / l in the city and 9.6 km / l on the road with ethanol. With gasoline, the average jumping to 11.4 km / l and 13.7 km / l, respectively. With such means, the SUV hits the market being more economical than rivals.

Nissan starts selling 'big car' of 2016

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