Nissan presents its futuristic V Motion


As far as audio is concerned, the innovative Bose UltraNearfield® loudspeakers include a new sound management technology, which increases drivers’ awareness of their surroundings. This technology can control the direction and distance of sound to generate a 360-degree sound field around the driver, providing different sounds clearly and simultaneously.

Nissan Vmotion 2.0 features Nissan Intelligent Driving technology, one of the three core elements of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, which helps provide a safe and comfortable driving experience through technologies such as ProPILOT, whose ultimate function will be to allow the vehicle to drive Autonomously, not only on the road and in conditions of heavy traffic, but also in urban streets and intersections.

The seats are comfortable and upholstered with flexible leather, with a special wireless padding in the inserts that gives the appearance of an exquisite hand bag. The steering wheel is designed to allow the driver and passenger to clearly see the infotainment screen without any interruption, enhancing a continuous graphical user experience.

Thanks to its unique design, the cab provides the driver and passenger supreme comfort when the vehicle is in ProPilot mode. The simple design of the center console includes a multifunctional touch panel to operate the infotainment system.


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