Nissan March and Versa 2017 gain CVT

Nissan March and Versa 2017 gain CVT

Always going well and innovating, Nissan brings new to the compact car segment to offer the best in comfort, performance and consumption: the transmission XTRONIC CVT for the Nissan March and Nissan Versa models that are produced by the brand in its complex industrial Resende (RJ). This new compact line transmission option for the Japanese brand comes to position itself as one of the segment’s best. After all, it’s that automatic. It XTRONIC CVT.

With low-power promise for this type of transmission (Note A by Standard Inmetro), which we noticed during the test drive and show in detail on the prints when driving, compact with CVT also received improvements such as sound insulation improved and windscreen with treatment to reduce noise.

Besides the CVT, there are new developments in the range of versions and equipment for the line in 2017: the engine with input Versa 1.0 is renamed Comfort 1.0 and incorporates the “Pack Plus” package. The 1.6 SV version without the “Pack Plus” is now called 1.6 S. The sedan now has electric windows in the four serial ports, plus ISOFIX available from 1.6 SV version. For March, the items of packages “Pack Plus” and “Multi Pack” were also incorporated into the input versions.

March e Versa - Linha de Produção

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