Nissan GT-R highly journal for 2017

Nissan GT-R highly journal for 2017

If some crack to the silhouette of the GT-R, others found it a kit pace car. It is quite possible that cosmetic changes are well received 2017 release. The grille V confirms the visual signature of the new Nissan. In addition, the opening of the gate is enlarged, thereby leaving a greater amount of air entering the engine compartment. We must add that the front spoiler is bigger to increase the aerodynamic compression.

The mechanical twin-turbo V6 3.8-liter is still on the agenda, but the power has been increased by 20 horsepower for a total of 565, while the couple, now at 467 lb-ft, in gaining 4. 6- cylinders is always coupled to a gearbox dual-clutch six-speed, while the cog in this Japanese monster is integral type, of course!

This power will be easier to control on curves as Nissan says that the suspension of the GT-R has been enhanced while the structure of the car is even more rigid. All this should make a car more predictable and capable of reaching even higher cornering speeds, but will also be more comfortable if we go by Nissan.

What will interest primarily fanatics of this machine, it is of course performance. The V6 and gaining 20 hp from 570 hp to mainly by the grace of a pressure of two turbos revised upwards. The dual-clutch transmission and six-speed has meanwhile been revised to passages less brutal relationships. Commercialization is scheduled for the summer.

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