Nissan GT-R 2017

Nissan GT-R 2017

Beautiful and impressive in its livery pearl orange launch called “Clockwork Orange” (a trendy color now, which evokes among other McLaren), the new GT-R obviously promises to be even better than its predecessor in all areas of sportiness with comfort through interior design, materials and finish.

Under the hood, the 3.8 V6 biturbo is kept unless it wins passage 20 hp to peak now 570 hp. The GT-R standard is so dangerously close to the Nismo that develops 600 hp. Of course, Nissan has made a whole lot of other adjustments and improvements to the Japanese chassis to make the ultimate weapon on track. It is sure just check it all during a test …

For the occasion, obviously Nissan promises a more modern style you many technical developments, not to mention a small increase in the power of the beast. Nissan and manages to offer a GT-R “base” almost as powerful as its Nismo declination.

Under the hood, stiffened itself, there are no surprises V6 twin-turbo 3.8 liter which climbs a little power: it goes from 550 to 570 horsepower, 637 Nm of torque (632 previously). Transmission six-speed dual clutch has also been revised to passages advertised as “more fluid and silent.” Nissan will also talk about a sound exhaust reworked, thanks to a titanium exhaust with active valves. This promises!

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