Nissan autonomous car conceptual model


In fact, part of this technology was used for a demonstration in its Electric Leaf, although the Serena will be the first minivan to incorporate this technology in a commercial way, which allows to help the driving although it is not 100% autonomous like Tesla technology, For example, but is expected to grow to the level of full autonomy, which is expected to begin with this Vmotion.

Now we will have to wait for Nissan for more details, but with the presentation of this Vmotion 2.0 the race towards the autonomous benchmark gets very interesting.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the autonomous car is the future of private mobility and, logically, all manufacturers want to get into the car. This CES 2016 we have known the proposal of Faraday Future, although in this case it is still a conceptual model for which, although it can already be reserved, we will have to wait a while to see it in the market.

However, these days is being the Detroit Motor Show, and some other manufacturer has also taken advantage of the showcase offered by the fair to present its autonomous conceptual model.


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